Hall Rental

 Hall Rental Information
Call us in the afternoon at (760)728-8784
or email house@fallbrookvfw.org

We offer the following services to the public:
Air Conditioned hall rental – Seats 100 Inside, 50 on Patio
Dining facilities, full bar, covered patio with B-B-Q,s
Dance floor, stage with audio/podium, catering available
Great for weddings, receptions, reunions, club meetings, and company parties. 


(Please Print Clearly)

1. Date Submitted: _________________________________________________________
2. Have you rented from us before? ________________________________________

 indicate date and name of function: _______________________________________
If No, where did you hear about us? _______________________________________

3. VFW Post: 1924 1175 Old Stage Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028
4. Renter: ___________________________________________________________________
    Contact person: __________________________________________________________
    Address: _________________________________________________________________
    City/State: _______________________________________ Zip Code: _____________
    Phone (Cell):___________________ Phone (Home/Work): __________________    

Email: __________________________________________________________________   
5. Additional Contact person: ___________________________________________
    Address: ________________________________________________________________
    City/State: _________________________________ Zip Code: ___________________
    Phone (Cell): Phone (Home/Work): ______________________________________
    Email: ___________________________________________________________________
6. Renter is an:   Individual   Organization-Type: __________________________  
Member – complete Form 2M (Member Rental Addendum)
7. Rental of VFW Hall facilities are open to the Public on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Our #1 priority is service to VFW Members and veterans at large. The date and hours are subject to the terms and conditions
as set forth below. Rental will include the following:
Hall and Upper restrooms              Audio-Visual system           Kitchen
Outdoor grass recreation area                   Outdoor Patio Area
 8. Event Date(s): ___________________ Day(s) of the Week: _________________
Recurring rental repeats until: _______________________
9. Event Times (inclusive of setup and clean up): Setup _______ Start_______ End_______ Finish______
10. Event description: __________________________________________________
11. Anticipated event attendance: _______________   (Note: hall capacity is 150)
12. Services: (Event Consultation, Basic Room Setup and use of the Hall’s Wi-Fi are free)

Rental Rates
Hall Rental Rates: (Note: There is a three hour minimum for all rentals.)
6:00  AM to 6:00 PM Day Rate $60 Hour _______
6:00  PM to 2:00 AM Evening Rate $80 Hour _______
Exceeding contracted time: $100 per hour. Additional time will be rounded up to the next full hour._______
Booking Fee: $25 per event and is Non-refundable. _______
Security Deposit: $150 (refunded 5 days after the event if there is no damage or additional cleaning required) ________
Full Bar Service Hosted (Based on availability) $50 per event. (No Outside liquor, wine corkage fee $’s)        ________
Commercial Grade Kitchen: Available for rental only with the rental of the Post Hall. Kitchen use is for catered events only.
Rental rates for commercial kitchen are: $20 Hour  ______
A/V System: 

$20 per event. Available in conjunction with Hall rental includes the following options:
Computer/ iPod input, CD player & up to 2 corded and 2 cordless microphones, HDMI. 

Video System
includes the following options: Video projector with VGA and USB inputs, DVD player and a 42” portable screen.  ______
Security Guard: $25 per hour (required when over 100 persons attend the event).  ______

13. Your event will not be confirmed until the following fees are submitted (Check for $150 payable to “Fallbrook VFW”):
Booking Fee $25.00 (non-refundable) ______
Security deposit: $150.00  (check is refundable 7 days after bartender inspection)  _______
14. Rental Fees: Rental fees are due in full no less than 15 days before the Event date. An exception can be made ONLY for a Veteran’s Memorial Service. Total      _______
15.  Address to mail Refund Check: _______________________________________

16.  Special Instructions:  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Time  is of the essence in this Rental Agreement. In the event of breach of  this Rental Agreement and legal action is commenced, the prevailing  party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs  incurred.
  • This Application does not grant any rights to  Applicant or authorize Applicant’s use of the Hall until approved by two  representatives of the Post.
  • Renter agrees to pay for any damage caused by this event by any renter or guest.
  • No excessive consumption of alcohol. No drinking is allowed in the parking lot.
  • No more than 150 guests are permitted to attend an event (Fire Department Regulations).
  • Lack of respect for our property and rules will result in event termination without refund.
  • At  event conclusion property will be cleaned and inspected in accordance  with the Hall Rules and Regulations which are incorporated as a part of  this Rental Application and Agreement.
  • Renter represents and  warrants that all of the information provided by Renter in this  Application is true and correct, and has read, understands, and will  comply with the VFW Hall Rules and Regulations. I am authorized to make  this Application on behalf of the organization.

The  individual signing the Rental Application and Agreement personally  guarantees the obligations of the organization or group using the Hall.

Name of Applicant ________________________________   Organization_________________________________

Signature _________________________________________________

House Committee Member Name and Signature ____________________________________________

VFW Hall Rules, Regulations and General Information
1. Applicant is responsible for reading all information and for complying with all rules and regulations.

2.  The individual signing the Rental Application and Agreement personally  guarantees the obligations of the organization or group using the VFW  Hall (refer to hereafter as “the Hall”).

3. Applications and  deposits for the Hall will be accepted by the VFW Post House Committee,  at 1924 1175 Old Stage Rd, Fallbrook, CA 92028; telephone (760)  728-8784. This Application does not grant any rights to Applicant or  authorize Applicant’s use of the Hall until approved by two  representatives of the House Committee. The Post reserves the right to  refuse use of the Hall to any person or group.

4. A $25.00  non-refundable Booking Fee is required with this Application. The  Booking Fee is in addition to and separate from the Hall rental fees.

5.  The Post is not responsible for claims for personal injury or death, or  for damage to or loss of property relating to rental of or occurring at  the Hall property. The VFW does not insure your event.

6.  Individuals or organizations granted use of the Hall agree to be  responsible for any loss or damage caused by such use and agree to  indemnify, defend, protect, and hold the Post harmless from all claims  and damages arising from their use of the Hall.

7. The Applicant  is certifying, on behalf of the organization applying to rent the  facility that the organization will not discriminate on the basis of  race, national origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, or sexual  orientation with respect to attendance at the function to be held in  City facilities in accordance with Resolution No. 5259 and Ordinance No.  1359.

8. No animals, except service dogs, are allowed in any area of the Posts facilities.

9. No smoking or open flames are allowed in the Hall facility. State Law prohibits smoking within 20 feet of public entrances.

10. The Post reserves the right to require security guards be present.

11.  Applicant may not store items in the Hall prior to the event. Items  left for more than 14 days after an event will be considered abandoned  and shall become the sole property of the Post, which will be free to  dispose of any such items as it sees fit.

12. On the date of the  event, the Hall will be opened and closed by a representative of the  Post. The Post representative shall have access to the facility at all  times and shall not be excluded for any reason.

13. Posters and any publicity must be approved by the Post in advance. Unapproved publicity may be cause for cancellation.

14.  The Post staff may photograph or videotape all attendees, including  minor children and the Post may use such photographs or videotapes to  promote Hall programs. All photos and videotapes will remain the  property of the Post.

15. The Post shall have the right to list  on the Post website the name, event, city and state of residence (no  personal street address) of you and/or your organization along with a  short quote from you.

16. ABC Board Law. No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.

17. No alcoholic beverages will be consumed in the parking lot.

18.  Use of kitchen is NOT authorized. No cooking is allowed. Use of the  Post kitchen by the renter (or professional caterer) must be coordinated  with the post Entertainment Committee Chairman. Kitchen
Rental fees are applicable.

19. Window bar service is available. Inside bar (canteen) is for the private use of VFW members only.

Facility Information
1.  The number of persons in the facility shall not exceed that number  which is posted designating occupant load. Hall capacity is 150  including the outside patio area.
2. There is a possibility of power outages during rental events. The Post is not responsible or liable for power outages.
3.  The rental includes the facility and available equipment, but does not  include the grounds or areas outside the facility (some equipment  requires a fee). Equipment and fixtures in the Hall may not be removed  or altered under any circumstance. No structural or electrical changes  to the Hall may be made. Use of the Hall’s podium is allowed only with  the VFW signage attached.
4. The Hall’s dance floor is the only dance floor allowed. All music will be secured by 11:00 PM.
5. Noise levels within the Hall must not violate applicable City ordinances.
6.  Dance wax, cornstarch, birdseed, glitter, rice, straw, sand, bubbles,  fog, smoke, and similar materials are not allowed; if used, damage fees  will be charged.
7. Table decorations and free-standing decorations  are allowed. No decorations may be placed on the walls unless adhered  with blue painters tape.
8. The Hall’s parking spaces are reserved for VFW members and Tenants of the Hall.
9. A facility rental will not be granted (and any rental agreement will be cancelled) under the following conditions:

  1. Insufficient  notice: When staff cannot be scheduled, when facilities cannot be  prepared, or other conditions cannot be completed in the time between  the date of the request and the date of the proposed Event.
  2. Hazardous Activities: When activities of a hazardous nature endanger persons or property.
  3. Prior Circumstances: When Applicant has mistreated the facility or violated facility use policies during a prior event.
  4. Failure to make rental payment within minimum times provided.
  5. Incompatibility with another facility reservation.

Cancellation Policy
1.  If the reservation is canceled less than 30 days in advance of the  event date, the entire rental fee will be forfeited. If no rental fee  has been paid, the cancellation fee shall be the amount of the security  deposit.  Recurring Rentals must provide 7 days advance notice of a  cancellation or the rental fee will be forfeited.
2. Cancellation of your reservation by Post will occur if:
a. The application is found to contain false or misleading information.
b. The proposed use would be detrimental to the health, safety, general welfare, or efficient operation of the Hall facility.
c.  Should any individual, group, member, or guest willfully or through  gross negligence, mistreat the staff, equipment, facility, or violate  state or local ordinance.
d. If Applicant defaults on or has not completed all conditions and requirements for use of the facility.
e. If the facility is needed for emergency use.
f. Circumstances arising from natural disasters, power outage, or other unusual situation.
g. Failure to obtain required permits.
3.  The Post shall not be liable to Applicant for damages in excess of the  Rental Amount for any cancellation or breach by the Post.
1. Fees will be paid no later than 30 days before your event:
a. Rental fees and security deposits must be paid in full.
b. All permits, licenses and requests to have amplified sound must be submitted to the Post.
c. Plans for all decorations must be submitted to the Post and approved by this time.
d.  If these requirements are not met at least 30 days before your event,  the Hall reserves the right to cancel reservations without refund of  fees or deposits paid.
2. Arrangements for additional equipment must  be made at least 30 days prior to the rental date. Additional equipment  fees must be paid at least 30 days prior to the reservation date.
3.  Changes in reservation times, or equipment needs must be submitted at  least 30 days before event date. Upon a request for change to your  reservation, you will be provided a quote for any additional fees. Once  you accept these additional fees, any subsequent cancellation will be  subject to our cancellation policy.
4. The event times indicated on  this rental agreement are the arrival and departure time and should  include all room setup, caterer setup, decoration, and cleanup time for  the event. Applicants are expected to vacate the facility promptly by  the time specified on the rental agreement. If Applicant stays longer  than the time specified in this rental agreement, Applicant agrees to  pay for the extra time at the rate set forth in this rental agreement.  All time is rounded up to the nearest full hour.
5. Unexpended time is not refundable.

1. All necessary permits must be obtained at least 30 days prior to date of event.
2. When alcoholic beverages are being served, the Post reserves the right to require the user to have security guards present.
3. Any group charging a fee must obtain a permit or license at least 30 days prior to the activity.
4. Selling food items requires a permit by the San Diego County Environmental Health Department.

Cleaning the Facility
1.   The facility will be left in an “as found or better” condition. At the  discretion of facilities staff, facility users may be required to  secure extra trash dumpsters. Dumpsters must be rented 30 days prior.
2.  Because people tend to "get out for air" during large gatherings and  may leave debris behind, it is suggested that all applicants assign  someone to check cleanup outside of the Post. A cleaning fee may be  charged if outside cleanup is necessary.
3. The Applicant is liable  for the replacement or repair of any fixtures, furniture or equipment  damaged at the event. The Security Deposit paid by your group is for  cleaning, damage, unscheduled time and overtime and is a refundable  deposit if all conditions are met. Each group is REQUIRED to do the  following:
a. All tables and chairs used by a group must be left  clean. This includes removing all decorations, tape, and table  linen/coverings.
b. All decorations must be removed and properly  discarded. The use of thumbtacks, staples, nails, glue, or similar  hardware or materials to hang decorations is prohibited.
c. A note for WEDDING RECEPTIONS--rice or bird seed cannot be thrown inside the Post or outside on the premises.
d. If the kitchen is used, the refrigerators, ovens, stove, grill, sinks, dishwasher, and countertops must be left clean.
e.  Recycling bins for aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper are available at  the Post. We strongly encourage recycling. Please alert the event  cleanup crew and/or caterer about our recycling effort.

4. The  Security Deposit is refundable if the facility is properly cleaned and  there are no unscheduled overtime charges, as determined by the House  Committee event representative. Damages may be deducted from the  Security Deposit if further cleaning services are required. Signing out  does not guarantee a full refund. Any unused Security Deposit shall be  refunded within 15 days after the event.

Fire Safety Rules
1.  All decorative materials shall be made from a nonflammable material or  be treated and maintained in a flame retardant condition by means of a  flame retardant solution or process. Fire Department approval may be  required. Decorations are not allowed in the lobbies or otherwise  outside of the rented area. Table(s) used in the lobby must be  pre-approved.
2. All exit doors shall be unlocked and shall not be obstructed by any means.
3. The number of persons in the Hall shall not exceed event capacity of 150.
4.  No open flame devices, including candles, are to be used in any  assembly area (Sterno™ is OK when used for catering). State Law  prohibits smoking within 20 feet of public entrances. 

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