Veteran Assistance

HeadStrong Project

Cost-free, bureaucracy-free, and stigma-free treatment for the hidden wounds of war, if you suffer from PTSD or know someone that is. There is help, Click Here for more Info. 

Alcohol in Veterans

 Current and former military personnel face an array of challenges – unpredictable deployments, the risk of injury and being away from home. Unfortunately, alcohol is sometimes used as a coping mechanism during these difficult times. If your Interested is helping a Veteran Click Here for more info 

Veterans Travel Service

Need assistance with making travel arrangements? Click Here to see discounts on your travel needs. 

Veterans Addiction

Are you a Veteran or know a Veteran suffering from addiction? Click Here for information on how you can help.

Veterans & Mesothelioma

 Veterans who are diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of active military service are entitled to benefits from the federal government. They also may be entitled to additional compensation from the companies that sold dangerous asbestos products to the military. Click Here  for more Information.

VA Benefits

If you have health (Physical or Mental) issues that you can relate to your Military Service. You may be eligible for free health care and possibly compensation benefits. Click Here for more Information.

Burial Benefits

 Need assistance with Burial Benefits Veterans are eligible for through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). Click Here and you will be provided with valuable information to all eligible Veterans. 

Service Dogs

Interested in getting a Service Dog? Well there are two oustanding organizations that you can contact that can assist you.

4 Paws 4 Patriots 

Next Step Service Dogs

Click either link to learn more and for contact info. 

The Recovery Village

 If you know a Veterans suffering from Substance abuse? Want to help? Click Here for more information about how to help. 

Understanding a Veteran with PTSD

 Maryville University has a page with information regarding PTSD in Veterans. Its part of their Outreach Program. If you are interested please Click Here and maybe you can help a Veteran who may be suffering in Silence. 

State-Funded Resources For Veterans

 Veterans give so much to our country, they deserve not only respect but ample resources to help them. Many developed addiction issues which arose or financial or personal hardships. While popular belief holds that the nation does not provide nearly enough resources to help veterans there are a number of services and programs available due to state funding to help veterans during this difficult time in their lives. Click Here for more information

A Veterans Guide to Health and Nutrition

Need assistance with Health and Nutrition? 

Click Here to see what you can do to give yourself a better quality of life.

Military and Veterans Affairs Social Work Licensure

Want to help Veterans, want to be a social worker while doing it. Click Here to learn how to be a  Military and Veterans Affairs Social Worker  


Know a Veterans suffering from breathing issues? here is some info about lung cancer and the effects of Asbestos. Click Here to learn more and for contact info. 

Addiction Resources

 Find A Veteran's Treatment Center Near you Click Here! is a community-based public-benefit website connecting people to the addiction resources they need. 

Drug Rehab Connections

Know a veteran that is in need of help? Click Here for assistance with rehab assistance. 

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab programs allow someone facing a drug or alcohol addiction to get treatment tailored to their individual needs. Click Here for more information.